Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Saying no to negativity? Easier said than done

I found this post that I wrote a few months ago. I was going to try to cultivate a more positive attitude. Well, that's gone off smashingly, hasn't it? I'm discovering it's very hard to maintain a good attitude, an attitude of abundance, when it feels like your whole life is going to crap. When the garage door won't open, you've had to deal with three angry clients and a workload that would choke an elephant at work, you come home and your child won't sleep for love nor money, and you feel so out of control you think you might just spin off into space, it's very hard to keep telling yourself that there's enough in this universe to meet my needs. Especially when, paycheck after paycheck, you see what sure looks like visible proof that your needs aren't being met.

Some Pollyanna I turned out to be, huh? Positive attitude, my ass.

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