Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A bit better

Well, my review wasn't the disaster I was anticipating/dreading. Yeah, I took some lumps, and there's room for improvement, but overall it wasn't horrible. I still have a job, anyway. :-)

I did find out that one of my co-workers (who's been here a shorter time than I have) gave her two-week notice during her review this morning.

Talked to Brian last night - he called. :-) We talked as well as can be done with a three-year-old in the background. LOL He said he'd expected I might have my hands full, though, so it wasn't a big deal. Good news - he has a job interview in this part of the world on Thursday of next week! That would be cool, if he got a job up here. Should we continue to see each other (which seems to be a possibility right now), that would certainly make the logistics more manageable.

After putting all that worry into my review, I'm just drained now that it's over. I'm finding it very hard to focus on much at the moment. I'm really glad we have Friday off - I've got plans. A massage at 9:00, shopping for a new dryer afterward, then going to Bath Junkie and spending my remaining gift certificate on bath goodies - then maybe a nap after that. Sounds like a good day to me, I wish it was then right now!


SRH said...

It is odd how when something that we have been worried about comes and goes, just how flipping tired we are after it is over. Glad the review was not horrible

Rob said...

Worrying about possible unpleasant future events usually is a big waste of effort because a lot of the time they never end up happening anyway. As I like to think: don't sweat the small stuff because in life it's all - just small stuff. Enjoy your todays because by midnight you will have lost them - forever.