Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coming up for air

Cheryl, just when you said you stop by every day to see if I update, I run off for three days! LOL

I've just been slammed at work, and I haven't felt like I've had much time or energy to update. J is back to being up until 10:00 every night, and it just drains me. I'm doing good to get the kitchen cleaned up before bed (and I don't always manage that!).

K's family was back for a brief visit - they're supposed to have follow-ups with the doctor here once a month for six months. K's bio mom stayed with me, and her husband stayed with K. We had a bit of an adventure early yesterday morning. N (K's bio mom) and I stayed up just stupid late talking and looking at pictures and going through J's baby stuff to see what K's sister could use (she's just had her second child). So I wasn't expecting to get much sleep anyway. But I was awakened even earlier than I'd planned, around 4:45 that morning, by J standing next to my bed asking, "Mama, what's that making that noise?" At first I thought it was my alarm, and I kept whacking at the clock wondering why the hell it wouldn't turn off. Then it finally penetrated my sleep-fuddled brain that it was the security system going off, and that N wasn't in the room anymore. So I dashed to the living room and turned off the alarm (the monitoring company was able to call off the cops), and looked for N. Apparently she was sleepwalking - she kept telling me J (her husband) and K were there, and going outside calling for them. At one point K called me (the alarm company called him, too - he's one of my contacts if the alarm goes off), and after that, N said she wondered where they'd gotten off to. I said, who? She said, J and K. I told her they were most likely in bed, asleep. She said she'd figured K would have gone to work - I said, well, yeah, but it's only 5 in the morning! LOL After that adventure, J was up for the day, and so was I. Boy, was I fried yesterday. Ugh. It's funny in retrospect, but at the time I was just peeved that I was missing out on an hour of sleep. LOLOL

I'd tried moving the bedtime routine up to start a little earlier, and when I can manage to do that (no easy task given that we often don't get home until 6:30 or later), he seems to get to sleep earlier. But if it's 8:00 or after, forget it, he's up until at least 10:00. I hate that we're prisoners of my work schedule, but that seems to be how it is, and I can't think of any way to improve it.

K and I have started talking about the divorce paperwork. I need to print it off so we can look at it and mark up things we want to change. I know there are some things that are mandated by the State, like the fact that child support has to be withheld from his paycheck (it would be more efficient for him to just transfer it to my account, and we get along well enough that that isn't a problem, so I'm not keen on this requirement - I understand the rationale behind it, but I don't like it). But I think that otherwise, as long as we both agree, that we can tweak a lot of the standard language to get it to work for us. We'd talked at one point about K not even having to go to court, that he could just sign a waiver of citation. I told him, though, that it might be better for both of us to be there, in case we're changing anything that the judge might want more information on. So we'll see. But the wheel has begun to roll, I think.

A curious thing happened Halloween night. J and I were home, just us. We'd been there a while, and he was already in bed when I noticed a sound in the background. I went into his bathroom and found the toilet running like it had just been flushed and the handle had hung up to where the water wouldn't cut off. ??? Neither of us had used that bathroom that night, and I know it wasn't running when I left the house that morning (I always double-check that, because I have a fear of my house flooding!). My brother coming by to visit, perhaps? It was Halloween, after all.

I'd better get to work. I'm going to the Estate Planning Council meeting, and will be out of pocket for over two hours with that, and I've got lots to do. I know I'll see C there, and the small, evil part of me really hopes he asks me out for this weekend so I can say no, sorry, I've got plans. LOLOLOL

More later....

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