Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good hair

I must do a good job covering the gray bits in my hair. My hair is naturally dark brown with a substantial portion of gray in it, and I'm far too young to have that much gray hair, so L'Oreal and I have become good friends. I always wanted red hair as a child, so I've taken to coloring my hair a deep auburn shade. I just touched it up not too long ago, and I've gotten two compliments on it (one from a guy, which just floored me - do guys notice that sort of thing as a rule?). That makes me happy, and makes me feel like I'm doing OK not paying big bucks for a salon coloring.

Is it Saturday yet? I'm really excited about my date. I hope I'm not building it up to be more than it will be, but based on our conversations, I just have a feeling it has the potential to go well. Guess I'll find out on Saturday!


lioness01 said...

I've been thinking about coloring my hair because I'm tired of all the gray - I need details on the l'oreal brand and color name etc.


The Anti-Wife said...

Good luck this weekend, Lisa! I'll be thinking about you. :o)

Lisa said...

Cassee, when I use L'Oreal, I usually use Preference. But I've lately taken to using Garnier 100% Color - can't remember the color name, but the number is 660. It's a deep red/auburn, and I just love it! I think it doesn't leave my hair feeling as dry as the L'Oreal does. I had the L'Oreal I used this past time in the house, and it's a brighter, more coppery red. I figured it would be fine for a touch-up, and it brightened up the darker auburn and looked really good. (Apparently, if I'm getting compliments! LOL) I can't remember the color name or number on that one, because I don't use it that often.

Thanks for the thoughts, Kellie! :) I'll post an update at some point.