Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fidget fidget, squirm squirm

I am having such a hard time focusing at work. I need to get over this and get some things accomplished.

Tomorrow it's really back to the grind. Our team manager has been out on paternity leave for the last three weeks. Regardless of how stressful work might be, or how well you get on with your manager, it just seems to automatically be a little less stressful if the boss is out of the office. But he'll be back tomorrow, so I'd better shake this fidgety fit fast.

And I swear, if we have one more meeting or training or extra thing scheduled, my head may just explode. We've already got training this week on a software upgrade that's coming out. Today we get an e-mail about a training session we're to attend this week - we can pick what day we want, today, tomorrow or Thursday. Um, if the first session to choose from is today, why are we just now hearing about it *today*?

I forgot to mention this when it happened. I talked to K's mom last Friday when I was off - I wanted to let her know I'd found my dryer and that it would be delivered on Saturday. I don't recall exactly how the conversation took this turn, but we were talking about K's birthday. I'd told her earlier that he wanted a washer and dryer and she'd said no, they weren't getting that, because they hoped he'd be moving back home soon. Anyway, while we were talking on Friday, she said she'd sent a check to the post office box for Kevin's birthday, she'd decided to go with a check so that K could do whatever he wanted to with it, even start a washer and dryer fund, although they'd hoped the separation would be a short-term thing. I could tell from the sound of her voice that 1) she was upset and 2) she desperately wanted me to say, "Oh, it will, it's just a short-term thing, he'll be moving home soon." I couldn't do it. I couldn't sit there and give her false hope, say anything to encourage her to think this separation will be resolved in any way other than divorce, and I hated it. I'm sorry K's parents are taking this so hard, but I'm not going to tell them what they want to hear just to make them feel better - that will only hurt them more in the end. So what did I do? I changed the subject.

It's almost time for yet another meeting, I'll write more later.


JamDaddy said...

I agree - best to stay out of the false hope game.
I think anyone, with few exceptions, missing from the office causes a bit of anxiety. Of course sometimes once they return you wish you could boot them out again.
Ever think the fidgeting and squirming might just be cured by some Preparation H? Just a thought.

Lisa said...

Somehow, I don't think Preparation H would help, that's for a whole different kind of fidgeting and squirming. LOL Tequila, maybe - now there's a thought!