Friday, November 11, 2005

A good day

Tomorrow will be a big, busy day. The swingset for J's big Christmas is coming tomorrow, and so is my new dryer!!! I picked one out today at Lowe's. It's a Whirlpool, and not the one with *all* the bells and whistles, but it's pretty nice. I'm happy with it. I am so looking forward to the new dryer, I'm saving all my laundry until tomorrow. Finally, I'll be able to dry clothes in one cycle instead of three.

My massage was great this morning. Really, extra-specially great - there was some kind of mix-up, I didn't get the massage I thought I'd signed up for, so today's was FREE and I'm going back the first Saturday in December to use my gift certificate! How great is that?! So, if anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is reading this - if you want a spa day, go to Daireds in Arlington. It might be a bit of a drive for some, but it's worth it. The customer service is fabulous.

Then I went to Bath Junkie and bought a boatload of bath goodies. I had a $75 gift certificate - I spent $74.42 and got 58 cents back, how's that for figuring it just right? I love, love, love their salt scrub. I think it's my favorite Bath Junkie thing. Now I should have enough smell-good stuff, between this and stuff I already have, to hold me until my birthday.

Then I picked up a few things at Target and came on home. I didn't nap - instead, I've spent my afternoon playing the piano (something I seldom get to do with the boy underfoot), and finally starting to go through my vast bear collection to see how best to weed it out. I've got three piles - the pile to sell, the pile to donate, and the pile to keep. If I can sell all the ones I want to, that should be a nice little chunk of change. John's wife collects bears, so I'm giving her first dibs. The ones she's not interested in, I'll list on different boards I'm on or on eBay.

So it's been a good day! I got an e-mail from Brian this afternoon - that makes me happy. He really needs to get Internet service hooked up at home. I've told him that, and he agrees. I'll have to tell him he may start getting demerits for each day it's not taken care of. LOL

I'd better get off of here - I'm going to surprise J and pick him up early. More later!

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