Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

Isn't that what they call the big shopping free-for-all after Thanksgiving? I'm not there because I'm at work. No, scratch that - I'm at work, but even if I wasn't, I wouldn't set foot in a mall or a Toys R Us today for love or money. I don't care if they're giving stuff away, there's nothing I need or want so badly that I have to wade through crowds or start camping out at 4 in the morning to get it. I heard on the radio this morning that there was nearly a riot at Wal-Mart when they ran out of $350 laptop computers. Great deal? Sure. Worth risking life and limb for? Hardly. So even if I wasn't sitting at my desk along with about ten other people in all of downtown Dallas, I wouldn't be doing any shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving! I was sick. Oh, joy. I went to the doc on Wednesday afternoon, because I felt a sinus infection coming on. She gave me some medicine (including some lovely Augmentin pills that have to be as big as a coffee cup - I've got to cut the damn things in half to swallow them). But yesterday I felt worse, not better. It felt almost like a mild case of the flu - I had a low-grade fever off and on, and my whole body hurt. Not as much as it did when I had the flu (then I just wanted to lay down and die, I felt so bad!), but enough to make me fairly grumpy. And I was sooooooooo tired. It was almost more effort than I had the energy for to hold my head up. Thankfully J did me the favor of passing out by 8:30 - he fell asleep with the light on, with a book next to him, so I know he was tired, too.

And now I'm at work. Daycare is closed, so K took the day off and is staying home with J. After last week's car fiasco, I didn't dare ask for time off. Besides, even without the car fiasco, I'm sure I'd have been turned down - on our team, seven of twelve people are out, and the general rule is that no more than half can be out at any one time. Not sure how that seventh one slipped in, but I'm sure I'd have been told, no, sorry, you can't take that day off.

I am SO not in the mood to be here. I got here at 7:30 (amazing how early I can get here when I don't have to spend 20 minutes at daycare prying my son off my leg), and the day is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. It's only 10:30, but it feels like it should be at least 1:00. I forgot to pack a lunch, and realized halfway here that it's highly unlikely that anything will be open for me to buy lunch. Suck. So I may be eating Halloween candy for lunch. Right now, the thought of that much sugar kind of turns my stomach. I do have a protein shake in the fridge, so I won't starve, but that's just not as good as chili would be.

At least today I don't feel like I want to lay down and sleep for three days, like I did yesterday. I'm not 100%, but I'm better.

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