Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well, I survived. I did get a written warning, about attendance and about complaints (of which I seem to be queen - I do fine for a few months, then get three or four at once). I think it sucks that any unexpected absence, even if you use your vacation time, counts as an "occurrence" - you can only have three in a rolling six-month period, and I have more than that. (I'm sorry my life doesn't lend itself to one-week planned vacations, but it doesn't and I can't help that.) If I use my vacation time when I'm sick or when my car blows up or my air conditioner goes out, it should just be a vacation day, and not some mark against me because it's an unplanned vacation day. (Reminds me of "unexcused" absences in school - and I wonder why I feel like a schoolchild instead of a professional sometimes?) K has said he'll help and take a good bit of the emergencies, like days when J is sick (thankfully these are not as frequent as they once were), and if I'm sick, unless I'm barfing up a lung, I'll just drag myself in to work. And tardiness - if I'm going to be late (i.e., I get stuck in traffic or I have to take J to the doctor unexpectedly when he wakes up with fever of 103 one morning) and call in, I can only do that six times in a rolling six-month period. Um, traffic? This is Dallas, you can't avoid it. Ugh. I'm just glad it's over. Stuff like that stresses me out big time.

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