Friday, October 07, 2005

Change in the wind?

An interesting development on the job front - my current position may be modified in such a way that it would decrease my stress level *considerably*. Another officer (John) and I both handle accounts for the same state. He's really good with people stuff, and I'm really good with compliance/computer/regulatory stuff. We've joked, and told our manager, that we should be a tag team, with John doing the people stuff and me doing the computer/regulatory stuff. We'd always been told that that couldn't be done. Well, now we're going to try it! My manager asked me to think about how I thought the work should be divided, how it would be split in an ideal world, and he's going to talk to John next week about it, see what he thinks. I am so excited!!! We're in a unique situation, I think we're the only officers where just two of us work on accounts from the same state, and our personalities and skill sets just happen to fall out along the lines to where division of duties would work. Not sure how soon we'll start or how exactly the labor will be divided, but I'm just glad we're getting the chance to try it. I'm going to do my best to do an absolutely kick-ass job, both to hopefully benefit myself (in the form of possible raises and promotions because I'll be able to do a really good job), and to benefit others if this is something that works (it might open up an opportunity for other people to work more in the area where their talents lie rather than strictly doing everything on one book of accounts). Wow, this is the most excited I've been about my job in a long time!

Half an hour left of phone servitude, and then I get to go home and get ready for tomorrow's road trip. Travel with a three-year-old - wish me luck....

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A Mother's Serenity said...

Wahoo for job excitement for once!! I hope the trip go es well and smoothly for you this weekend!! And send me some pics of that big ole' boy of yours! LOL It's been ages since I saw some!!!!