Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crawling out of the pity pit

I'm a bit better now. Still not sure how I'll manage, but I'm not wailing and gnashing my teeth anymore.

The wife of one of my co-workers collects bears. I mentioned that I had a substantial collection I wanted to thin out, and he said she'd like first shot at whatever I want to sell. So that may bring in a few extra bucks. Or more than a few - I have a lot of bears! LOL

It's been a busy day at work. I've hardly stopped. And I've still got piles of stuff to do. I'll be glad when we get the work divided up to where I'm not doing so much of the people stuff anymore. People make me tired.

We took the bed rails off J's bed yesterday. He was thrilled! I didn't sleep very well, fearing he might fall off the bed. He did, but not in the direction I expected - he fell and got stuck between the wall and the bed (a very small space, because the bed is supposed to be right next to the wall)! I heard a "thump, THUMP" sometime around midnight, followed by howling. I figured he'd fallen onto the floor, and it took me a minute to find him wedged between wall and bed. He was fine, just scared, and after I got him settled back down, he wanted me to lay down with him. I did, and it only took a minute or two for him to go on back to sleep. And he was fine the rest of the night. I'm glad the bed rail is gone. That makes it a lot easier to make up the bed.

Almost time to go home!

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