Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I was right

K called a little bit ago. Sure enough, he spent last night somewhere other than his apartment. Funny, though, it really doesn't bother me. So if I can take the fact that he's spending the night with someone else in stride, and if he's to a point where he feels like he can do that, all the more reason we should file - at this point, there's nothing to be accomplished by keeping the marriage alive on paper.

Our restrooms are fixed now. Still no air conditioning, though. I expect that now we'll just be told to suck it up and sweat through the rest of the day. Someone mentioned to one of our managers that people on other floors had been allowed to go home, and she seemed surprised. Gee, no restroom facilities, no air, no water - now why in the world would that justify sending employees home? Sheesh.

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