Friday, October 14, 2005

It's something in the air

I don't know what's going on with me, but I've apparently got something going on - two e-mails and two winks on Match, and now C has called me! (I am so laughing.) We talked about Chuck's death and the services and how our former co-workers are dealing for a bit. We talked about J for a bit. He asked if this was my free weekend, and I said no, next weekend was, and I planned to sleep the whole time. LOL And we talked some more about this and that. Turns out he was going to ask me out to dinner this weekend if I was free. I'm still laughing. I mean, I'll go out to dinner, strictly as friends - after all, we have known each other for five years now. But if he's even thinking that we can go out as in date, I'd have to put the kibosh on that real quick. (Unless I did want to do the bitch thing and bail on him like he did on me - you know, I've never gotten to be a real bitch to anyone.... LOL) I just think it's funny. I think that, outside of my marriage, this is more male attention than I got in high school and college combined. It's rather a novel concept!


The Anti-Wife said...

Screw him and ditch him. Guys do it all the time! ;o)

Lisa said...

Hmm, Kel, that might not be a bad idea. :-) I did say I've never gotten to really be a bitch, didn't I? Hmmmm..... :-)

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