Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nothing ever goes as planned

Alas, the restful weekend I had planned hasn't come to pass. I met K and J at Little Gym this morning, and after class J told me he wanted to come back to the big house (my house). I asked didn't he want to hang out with daddy, and he said, "No, I just want to hang out with mama." He was pretty adamant about it, so I told K that J could come on back to the big house, but that I'd need him to stay with J since I already had plans to go to a Tupperware party at a girlfriend's house this afternoon. He said he would. So we all went to the library (I got books, K and J played outside), K picked up J's things from the apartment, I picked up lunch, and we all came back here.

I knew J was tired. He nearly fell asleep in the car on the way back from the library and driving through for lunch, and he very seldom does that on short car rides unless he's just zonked. (Of course, he hasn't gotten more than nine hours of sleep a night, with no naps during the day, for over a week - I guess so, he's tired!) We got back to the house and played outside for a while after we ate. I got ready for my party, told J I'd be back in a little while, blew him a kiss, and left. No fuss, no muss.

Got to the party, and I'd been there about an hour when my phone rang. It was K. J fell asleep in the floor not too long after I left. When K woke him up (in hopes that the unusual nap wouldn't have him up all night tonight), J was just ROARING. I could hear him in the background, just incoherently screaming. I knew he was tired, and he kept saying that the snot was hurting him. So I left the party early, stopped to pick up some sinus medicine for J and a few other things, and headed home. J took two more little naps before I got home (if he's falling asleep in the floor THAT much, he's beyond exhausted), so that meant he'd slept for over two hours during the day. He was still grumpy when I first got home, but perked up after a bit. (I asked him if he'd just wanted mama to come home when he was throwing that fit, and he said, "Yeah." Stinker! I don't think that was all there was to it, though - I think he did feel bad, and I know when I'm tired everything seems about four times worse than it actually is. I'm sure it's the same for him.) So my weekend to myself went right out the window. My first break in almost two months, and it's not even 24 hours long. Counting the fact that I went to Little Gym this morning, it was barely a 12-hour break - 6:00 last night (when I got home from work) to 10:00 this morning. K says he'll make it up to me, and he will. It's just that now, the first weekend in November seems so very far away.

Oh, and J was up until 11:00 tonight. AACK. I just hope that the really late bedtime means he'll sleep past the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to the time change. He'll be up nasty early once that hits.

Here's something interesting: K picked J up for me on Thursday, as I needed to run by Target and was running late. K told me they were out walking in the back yard (here at my house), and J looked across the yard (I've got about 8/10 of an acre here) and said, "Who is that walking over there?" There was no one there.

K and I talked a bit about paperwork today. I told him I'd had the forms downloaded for several months, and he seemed a bit surprised. I said, what, I wanted to see what they looked like, and if it turned out I hadn't needed them, I would have deleted them, no harm done! LOL No specifics as far as filing, we just talked a little bit about how specific we needed to be on various things. Unless a judge really wants extreme detail, I don't think we need to say who gets what picture and who gets what piece of furniture, things like that. We've already pretty well divvied up furniture, and I know what artwork he brought to the marriage, so he can take any of that that he wants. I think the biggest things we'll have to specify as far as property are cars, house, and who's responsible for the house note (that would be me, since I'm keeping the house). Personal stuff - he takes his, I take mine. Child support - we've already worked that out, and I know he'd help more if I needed it, so I'm not real worried about getting some ironclad agreement on that. Custody and visitation - there again, we've pretty much worked it out, and if something changes to where we feel the need to work around what's in the agreement, I think we can work together and neither of us will feel the need to run back to court to quibble over a day or two difference in what the schedule says. Perhaps some of you may think I'm being overly optimistic, but really, given the things K and I have talked about already, I don't think there's anything we can't work out (well, with the exception of putting a marriage back together - in a friend and parenting context, we get along fabulously). I think the only thing either of us would feel really strongly about at this point is J being exposed to a lot of people in and out of our lives, and that's nothing you can really go to court over. We both agree that we don't want this to be any more confusing for him than it may be already, and if either of us date, then we don't want whoever we're dating around J unless it looks like a long-term thing. Anyway, no firm date set to file or anything, but the topic is out there.

Baylor didn't quite beat OU today, but we made them work for it - we lost in double overtime. I can't even remember the last time a Baylor team was able to play close up through two overtimes. So I do think the football program is improving, even if we aren't necessarily racking up a huge number of wins. We're not laying down and dying on the field anymore, and that's big-time progress. Besides, I still think we should knock off UT this year - we're just saving ourselves for that.

I'd better get some sleep, just in case Himself is up before the chickens. More later!

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