Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What are we waiting for?

I'm wondering if K and I would be better off filing and just having done with the divorce. The thought behind not filing right away was to spare his parents some grief, but I think dragging it out will just hurt them more. When I went by to see them on Monday, K's dad asked if K had moved back into the apartment this weekend. I said yes and left it at that. K said his mom told him that she'd really hoped he'd be moving back home this weekend, now that his family from New Orleans had gone back to Louisiana. It may be easier in the long run just to end the marriage and let them deal with the fact that there isn't going to be a happily ever after here, at least not the kind they're hoping for - as long as we're just separated, they can hope we'll get back together and keep bringing up the possibility. There's a 60-day wait between filing and final judgment, and I'm thinking November would be a good time to file. That way things can be finalized right after the new year and won't crap up Christmas (although it's already going to be plenty weird).

And I haven't heard a word from K this morning. Yes, I know he and I are separated and headed for divorce, but it's unusual not to hear *anything*. He usually e-mails once or twice of a morning, and when I tried to call to see if his building was affected by the water main break, I got his voice mail again. I dunno. Maybe the employees took a day and went to the State Fair or something (but why wouldn't he have said that?). I'm a little miffed at not being able to get him on his cell for a pretty substantial period of time and having no idea where he is - if there were an emergency with J, I'd want to be able to get in touch with him. As it stands, I have no idea where he may actually be and no way to get in touch with him quickly. I don't even know if he's checking voice mail. And God knows he's given me grief often enough about not taking my phone with me everywhere (even to work out or when I run into someplace real quick) and not keeping it turned on. Perhaps I should return the favor.

Re: the work situation: Other people in the building are going home, even people who work in different areas of the same company. But we're supposed to keep on going like everything is just fine - our calls were being routed to another center, but they're back here now, so it's business as usual. Yeah, you see how much associate delight matters when something like this happens.

I just went to Starbucks and got a really big coffee. Gee, I'll have to go to the bathroom after drinking all of it. And gee, it will take me a good 20 minutes to go all that way and come back. How sad, I won't get any work done during that time. LOL Honestly, do they think today will be anything remotely resembling productive? I'm hoping that if it isn't fixed by noon, they'll just send us home, but I'm not holding my breath.

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