Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cautiously optimistic

Well, blogfans, it looks like 2005 might start to improve after all. I checked into refinancing the house, and it looks like there's an approval for enough to pay off the existing house note (foolishly obtained several years ago in an effort to consolidate credit card debt, which K and I then promptly ran back up), my car, K's car, the rest of his existing credit card debt, all the taxes, all my professional dues and taxes (which are legion - it's expensive to be a lawyer! LOL), have enough for a new computer, a new mattress (which I DESPERATELY need), some home repairs and car maintenance that need to be tended to, and still have a good bit to go in savings. All this, and the payment on the new home equity loan will be $200 less than what I'm currently paying on the existing house note and my car. And the beauty is, I won't be running up new debt. I haven't had credit cards for almost a year, I know I can do just fine without them. I don't plan to get a new car or new house, I like the ones I have. This will allow me to actually pay things off, get caught up on all my little piddly stuff that keeps getting put on the back burner, and maybe actually SAVE some money for my retirement and J's future. And with K's things being paid off, that frees up money for him to help out with daycare costs and things for J. :) Of course, I get this e-mail last night, and the woman I've been working with says at the end of the e-mail that she's out of the office until Monday, 2/21, at a sales convention. AACK. But I'm cautiously optimistic that maybe things will begin to turn around if this really goes through (I won't believe it until I have cash in hand!).

Other than that, it's just a day. I feel much better, my face no longer hurts and I can actually breathe out of my nose on occasion. I'm still going to the doctor today, though - the goo is still green, so I guess I'd better get on with the antibiotics and get better. This means I get to leave work early, woo hoo!!! :)

So maybe things are looking up. It's about time.

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FT said...

Great news! I have been reading for a while and I think you are doing a great job. Being a single parent and working full time is not for the faint of heart. Glad you are finally hitting some peaks instead of the valleys!