Thursday, February 10, 2005

That's weird...

My last post shows up when I click the Archives link for February 2005, but doesn't seem to show up in Current Posts. ????

Here's a thought: What do you think it means to value someone's opinion? Can you value someone's opinion and still disagree with it? I think you can. K has said a couple of times lately that I don't value his opinion or don't care about what he thinks in situations where I don't agree with what he's saying or don't do what he'd like to see done. I don't think that means I don't value his opinion - regardless of where our marriage ends up, we'll always be J's parents, and we'll always be friends, and I'll always be glad to hear his opinion if he has one to share. But I think you can value someone's opinion, even solicit it, and not have to agree with them or go along with them. What do y'all think?

Almost time to go home - thank God, I don't think I could sit here much longer.

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JamDaddy said...

Of course you can value and opinion and not agree or act upon it. Of course if you worked with the same people I do you could hear it all day long and not value it or agree with it. I wish I could take the peoples opinions home from work and use them as manure. Sorry I digress, maybe he just needs you to validate that he has a "good" opinion, but it is just not right for you.