Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mommy Madness

Boy, did this hit home. I can relate - I was raised to be self-sufficient and independent, and my parents certainly never even considered any possibility other than me going to college, getting at least one degree, and kicking ass in the working world. They never said, "you can't do that, you're a girl." I *was* raised to think I could do it all, although there were times when I was younger that I just didn't think I'd ever have children. And now? There are days that doing it all - or trying to - really takes its toll. I think that in some ways, the feminist movement did more harm than good, by promoting that very idea, that women can do it all. Not that it hasn't done some good - women should get comparable pay for doing comparable work to me, women should be able to go into any career field they choose, and all that good stuff. But the pendulum has, to some extent, swung so that being a stay-at-home mother and wife has fallen out of favor, and women are made to feel like they're wasting their talents if they choose to do that. I think that's just sad. We try to do everything and end up not being very good at any of it because we're just spread too thin.


John Howard said...

My wife stays home with my son, and I'm glad. I don't have to worry about him during the day.

Ed said...

My first time here, but I just had to say I agree, it is sad. Being a stay at home mother is the most valuable and most difficult job in the world - and we should respect it as such.