Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It sure feels like a Monday

I had yesterday off, but I don't feel rested. And I'm swamped at work. AND it's supposed to get cold and rainy this week, after being in the 80's and positively springlike for the past couple of days. YUCK. I hate winter, I will never live somewhere where it gets *really* cold and where they have an actual winter. I'm a Southern girl, I've lived down here my whole life, and my blood is just too thin to live somewhere with real winter. Yes, we have 100+ degree days for weeks on end sometimes in the summer, but that's what air conditioning and covered parking are for. I'll take the hot, thanks.

Not too much exciting happened over the weekend - no naps for the J-man, some cleaning, a trip or two to Target (J got a train, and we've talked before about not opening things until we pay for them - he understands that, and as soon as we got in the car, he handed me the package with his train and said, "Mama, unlemp (his word for unwrap) Henry (the train) RIGHT NOW!" Bossy little man. LOLOL).

I did talk to the loan officer yesterday. She told me what information she'll need (tax info, pay stubs, plus a $325 check to do an appraisal - UGH), and said it will take about three weeks to process once they've got all the paperwork. AARGH!!!!!!!!!! I guess it's just frustrating, finally seeing a light at the end of the financial tunnel, being so close to sorting things out so that maybe K and I can make some progress on disentangling our lives, and being told, oh wait, we need more info and then you have to wait some more. You might think, but this has been going on for almost two years, what's a few more weeks? That's just it - it's been going on for almost two years, and to be so tantalizingly close and yet not be there just about makes me want to crawl out of my skin with frustration. AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow night is my second late night in less than a week. Feh. Not looking forward to that. But then I won't have another late night until March - the 23rd, I think.

And on a happy note, I'm getting my piano tuned on Friday! Yay!!!!! That's J's belated Valentine's gift to his mama. :-) I've had this piano since I first started taking lessons at age 7, so it's almost 30 years old now. It's been several years since I've had it tuned, and I can really hear it when I play. I'm so very, very glad to be getting this done, I just can't wait!!!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled daily grind and the dilemma of what to have for lunch....

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