Sunday, February 06, 2005

What a weekend.

Friday night I was scared to death at the thought of what could have happened to my baby boy. Today I'm just tired.

I think weekend naps are a thing of the past. The closest we got was today, when J climbed into bed, wanted to read his books, said "night night" - and stayed in bed for about five minutes. I'd gone out to the garage to get something from the car, and suddenly I heard this little voice - "Hey, Mommy!" I said, "Are you going to take a nap?" "No, no nap." *SIGH*

And it's been throwing and going all weekend. No nap, tired cranky boy, insisting on doing everything "by self". My house looks like a tornado hit it, J is learning to drink from a cup and wants to carry one everywhere (thankfully he drinks from his "bitty cup" - the dose cups that come with Children's Motrin, of all things - so the spills aren't huge, just numerous), and yesterday he gleefully pulled off his Pull-Ups, announced, "I have no underpants!" and peed on the carpet. *SIGH* Days/weekends like this, I feel like my life will be chaos forever. I love him dearly, and if anything did happen to him, I'd want to lay down and die. But days like this, he just wears me out.

On the bright side, though, he's learning to say "thank you". And he's even saying "I love you" occasionally. Now that's a day-brightener. :)

I've gotta get some sleep, I'm trying to come down with a bad case of something or other. I've got my follow-up with the dermatologist tomorrow - the nurse can take out that last little bit of stitch, and I can get some reassurance that the incision is healing up OK in the absence of stitches.

To quote my son, it's "night night time."

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