Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Woo hoo. I haven't had a really happy Valentine's Day in I can't remember when. My horoscope said this year's was supposed to be good, but I haven't seen it yet. Oh well, maybe next year. :)

J's latest: Yesterday I was in the kitchen, he was in the living room. I kept hearing this noise, and couldn't tell what it was. I asked J what he was doing. His response? "Spittin'." I went into the living room to find him taking mouthfuls of Crystal Light from his cup and yes, SPITTING them on the carpet. !!!!!!!! That was one of those parental moments where you desperately want to laugh (because it was funny), but know you have to be stern to get the point across that that is not acceptable behavior. I told him we only spit in the sink when we brush our teeth, and most certainly not on the living room carpet. Whatever possessed him to do that, and why do I even try to keep my carpets halfway clean? LOL

And earlier this weekend, K was giving J a bath. J splashed water on K's shirt, and here's the conversation that followed:

J: "Daddy's shirt wet."
K: "Yeah, it's wet because J splashed and got it wet."
J (in all seriousness): "Don't know how that happened."

I'm really concerned that my child is headed for a future in either law or politics. LOLOLOL

I'm tired. Still fighting this crud. Hopefully it will clear off soon, I'm tired of having a stuffy head.

Back to work!

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