Friday, February 04, 2005


So glad it's Friday!!! It's actually been a pretty productive day at work, so I think I'm ending the week on a good note. I don't get a bonus this year, which sucks, as I could really use the cash. But what are ya gonna do about that? *shrug*

J is so smart, he just amazes me. He always likes to go around to the front door when we get home, and the other day I told him we couldn't go in the front door, it was raining and we'd get wet. Last night we pulled into the garage, and he said, "Go in front door, not raining anymore!" He also saw a picture on the cover of a book - the picture was of a woman walking through gates, and J said, "That's mommy - mommy wait - mommy have to wait for daddy." I'm stunned that he's making up stories about pictures at not even three years old. What will I do when he figures out he's smarter than me?!

My leg is doing all right - it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did earlier in the week. I'm still going to keep my follow-up appointment with the dermatologist on Monday, as I think there's a little bit of a stitch left in there. I could pull it out myself, but I reckon it's better left to the medical professionals. Besides, I'd like some reassurance that it's healing up OK.

No big plans for Super Bowl Sunday. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to convince J that football *is* fun to watch, or at least get him interested in the halftime show. Otherwise, it will be business as usual at our house. Not that I much care if I miss it, it's not like I'm a big fan of either team that's playing. But I like a good football game, so I'd watch if J wasn't having a cat over it not being Bob the Builder.

Only an hour until quittin' time, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

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