Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And in other good news...

J takes gymnastics at daycare (yes, in addition to Little Gym), and they're having their "Olympics" tomorrow. It's at 9:00, they'll be done by 9:30, and I could be at work by 10:00. My manager said I could come in late, and not have to use vacation time! Yay!!!! I'm excited. I always hate having to miss things at his school, because I know other kids have parents there, and he's getting old enough that he may start wondering, "hey, why aren't my mom and dad here?"

That's one thing - since we've rearranged our teams, I do like my new manager. She's helping me clear up a lot of old stuff that needed to be addressed, and that's a good thing.

Only half an hour left...!

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