Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just a little update

I can't even remember what I wrote in my last post, isn't that sad? So I'll write here, and if I miss anything, I'll just post again.

I'm tired. I guess I'm getting used to my new blood pressure medicine. If I keep feeling like this, though, I'll call my doctor - it's supposed to make me feel better, and tired like this isn't better.

Here's a tarot reading one of my online friends did for me:

Jan 06: The Goddess The mother of all cards. You're nesting, creating a safe and loving home life for yourself and your family.

Feb: Miracles Exactly as it says. Something unexpected, wanted, and beautiful, is heading your way.

March: Golden Memories Allow yourself to remember the 'good times', to reflect and look back. This is a time for reflection and memory, acknowledging what's past is past and no longer in the present.

April: Enchantment Revel in the changes around you. Look back to the month before, and be amazed in the changes. Your happiness is in the present moment, by God you should live it up.

May: Blessings Counting your blessings ensures they continue.

June: The Mystic If you have any interest in learning something a little esoteric, now is the time. You're in control of yourself and your mystical abilities are ripening.

July: Relationship I feel this one is a new lifepartner - a very good friend or a romantic partner, not sure, but someone to help make your life have meaning by watching it.

August: Love "love is all around me, it's every where I go" - these lyrics are never more true than now. Your love is abundant, and others are warmed by it's grace.

September: Sacred Union this is suggesting that the person that appeared or was noticed in july deserves more than a passing glance. You were happy to have a good, strong relationship with them. Perhaps look deeper - this may be a foreverfriend, or it may be more.

October: Eternal Flame Those that are around you, will always be around you. In body or in spirit, they will surround your life and bring you love, joy and peace.

November: Earth Connection Track back to June. You're less grounded now,and haven't been using your gifts enough. Ground yourself daily. Explore what you have. It's safe to do so.

December: Answered Prayer Exactly as it says. This is something to do with children, but I cannot be any more specific than this. You're not meant to know yet.

Jan 07: Transience You have emerged from 2006 a stronger, more loving woman. You have transformed yourself into a beautiful being on a higher plane. This will only continue.

Year as a whole: Embrace Embrace what you have... Embrace what's to come... Trust in God.

Pretty cool, I thought! One thing that really piqued my interest is what she said about December. I've sworn I'm not having any more kids - for one, my life circumstances don't exactly lend themselves to me having any more right now, for two, I'm not getting any younger, and for three, J is more than I can handle some days. But this is the second reading I've had that's mentioned children. The first one, that I had done back in July, the woman who did it asked me if I'd ever had a miscarriage. I said no, and she said she saw two children around me, one of them a girl. ??? And now this, some answered prayer about children. I'm curious, to say the least.

I'll write more later, after J is asleep.


A Mother's Serenity said...

so I 'll make a deal...I'll send new job vibes for you and you send them back to me okay!!! LOL

Lisa said...

Done! :-)