Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy weekend!

It's been a really, really fun weekend. And boy, am I tired!

Brian got me a Christmas gift! Nothing big, just some bath goodies, but still...I was touched that he did, I certainly wasn't expecting that.

We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill, and then to see The Chronicles of Narnia last night - that movie kicked ASS. It's something that you need to see on the big screen. It stayed pretty true to the book, and the soundtrack was phenomenal. And the scenery and effects - wow. I got cold just looking at the White Witch's palace.

Then I had one little errand to run - I needed puppy pads for the little ankle-biters. So we stopped by the 24-hour Wal-Mart, and Brian carried my things for me. I handed him one, and started to carry the other package myself, and he said no, he'd take it, that I had a lot to learn about letting a guy take care of me. Like I'm going to turn that down! :-)

I did get my lovely back rub last night - 'scuse me while I turn into a little puddle of mush on the floor. We stayed up stupid late, taking the puppies out, talking, just goofing around - I think it was after 3:00 before we called it a night. (When you consider that the movie wasn't over until after midnight, though, I guess that's not so late.)

And yes, he did sleep over, and yes, he did sleep in my bed. But no clothes came off, and we're both good with that. (That actually makes me like him more, because he's not just after sex.) It was nice just to have someone to snuggle with, someone who's snuggling because he's happy I'm there. And it was lovely waking up this morning next to a big huggable guy playing with my hair. Oops, there I go turning into a puddle of mush again.

He took the puppies out for me this morning - I must say, I like having a guy around who likes doing things for me! We had to leave by 1:00 to get to the basketball game at 3:00, and since we slept in (until after 10:00), we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend together today. Maybe next time we'll have a weekend with no events planned.

Then we went to the Baylor/Texas women's basketball game. It's WAY more fun going to a game where your team wins. Y'all might remember, the Lady Bears were NCAA national champions last year, and the pre-game is now a big, big production. It gave me chills and made me tear up thinking that my school is doing so well and is now getting national recognition in a fairly major sport. Granted, women's basketball isn't on quite the same level as football, but it's a lot more visible than other sports where Baylor traditionally does well (baseball, tennis, track and field). And it turned out to be a good, good game. The Lady Bears were a little sluggish at first, and there were some bad calls (and calls not made that should have been), but they came out swinging in the second half and ended up winning by about 15 points. There again, it was just so much fun going to a Baylor game with Brian - he went there, too, and he loves it as much as I do. I saw lots of people there with their little children, some really little, like less than a year old. I wish I could have brought J to games when he was that age. I will take him now that he's getting older, though - I can't wait to take him to a football game.

After the game, Brian had to go into work at his second job, so he brought me back to my car (we'd taken two cars down) and we said goodbye. I feel pretty sure he'll be back up here, because he left a couple of things at the house. Nothing like clothes or a toothbrush (I am so not to that point!), just things I know he plans on keeping, and he didn't leave them by accident.

And now I'm home, happy because I've had such a good weekend, a little down because he's not here, and a whole lot tired. We had to walk almost a mile to and from the car at the game - the parking lots that were close in were full by the time we got there. Between that and the excitement of the game, I'm just drained. I may watch a movie on DVD, or I may just take the ankle-biters out, take a hot bath, and get to bed somewhat early for once.

I'm a happy girl.

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