Monday, January 09, 2006

A happy surprise

I was pleasantly surprised to get a voice mail message on my cell phone from a recruiter with JP Morgan - she said I'd been referred to her for a position similar to what I do now (although hopefully paying a good bit more and with just a shade less stress!) in Dallas, and would I be interested. Well, it can't hurt to call and talk, now can it?! I called back this afternoon, but got her voice mail. I'll try again tomorrow.

And this was totally out of left field. All I can figure is, I interviewed for a trust administrator position (slightly different from what I do now, but the same general area) with them several months ago, and perhaps the woman I talked to then sent them my resume now. I guess I'll find out when I talk to the recruiter.

This is such an unexpected thing, maybe it will turn out to be something really good. Y'all keep your fingers crossed!

Wow, it's 11:15 and I haven't eaten dinner. I don't guess peanut butter fudge ice cream would be a real good nutritional choice, would it?

Let me go tuck the ankle-biters in and get something smallish to eat, so I can get maybe 5 hours' good sleep. More later!

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