Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm still here

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted! I haven't fallen off the planet or anything, I've just been really busy.

Here are the puppies!

The black and tan is Bonnie, and the mostly black is Clyde. Clyde is the larger and more dominant of the two, but Bonnie can pin him down every once in a while. With the exception of the training process (and attendant clean-up), they're really good puppies. Once they're asleep, they stay asleep until they hear me or J of a morning. That's why I got two. :) J loves them - I couldn't get rid of them now if I wanted to.

Speaking of J, he's been on a tear lately. I was off Wednesday, for his allergist appointment and for the puppies' first vet appointment. At the vet's office, the puppies were better behaved than J was. I can't tell you how many times that day I told him how disappointed I was in his behavior. A fit at the allergist's office (more on that momentarily), a fit in Target (when we were shopping and waiting to get his prescriptions filled), a fit at the vet's office - it was NOT a restful day for me at all.

I guess the fit at the allergist's is understandable, though. She retested him for allergies, since he was so young when he was first tested. God forbid, he had to sit still for a whole five minutes! LOL Anyway, he didn't react to anything, and she said food allergies weren't real likely at this age, that they usually show up sooner. I explained about where we live (a cement plant or two, a steel plant, and a tire disposal facility all in close proximity), and she said the cause of his congestion may just be air pollution. I know that my allergies/sinuses have gotten worse since we've moved here. But it doesn't look like allergies were at the root of his latest round of sleep hell. It may have just been that he was starting with a sinus infection - he always gets wound up when he's getting sick (just never *that* bad), and he's been better now that he's feeling better.

It's date night! Make that date weekend. Brian is coming up here tonight, we're going to the movies and probably out to eat, and I'm driving down there tomorrow, and we're going to the Lady Bears basketball game (they're playing UT, so it should be a good game). Yay!!!

Work - our manager has taken a new position here, and he starts on Monday. So our team ha been split up and merged with the two other teams, and rumors abound about what might happen next. There's speculation that the center may eventually be closed completely (although some of the higher-ups deny that), and I think everyone is dusting off their resumes. We already know this merger of teams is going to be a temporary thing - we just don't know how temporary or what happens next. Ugh. Isn't job uncertainty fun?!

And that's my life in a rather small nutshell. More later!

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