Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Interview and other random thoughts

OK, not a face-to-face interview at this point, but I am talking to the recruiter tomorrow on the phone! She's in Arizona, hence the phone interview first (I guess to make sure I'm not a total waste of space before an in-person interview is scheduled in Dallas). My phone interview is at noon, so y'all think good "new job" thoughts for me! If it pays a good bit more than what I make now and the workload isn't quite so batshit crazy, I am so there if the job is offered to me. I think a sparkly new job would be a fabulous way to start off 2006, don't you?

K has been seeing someone for about three months now. They had a falling out and K thought about breaking it off, but they've worked it out after talking yesterday. So they had plans tonight. Who says the universe has no sense of humor? K gets make-up sex and I get puppy poop. :-p

On that note, the puppies went outside tonight instead of on my floor! Woo!!! Of course, after J's bath, I went into the kitchen and found them tearing hunks out of their foam rubber bed (the part they could get to under the cover that's on it). AARGH. I see some puppy training classes in our future.

And J is asleep in my bed. He was up until after 10:00 tonight - 10:15, 10:30, I don't know. He was near hysterical wanting to sleep with me, so I let him. I told him it was just for tonight, though, that tomorrow he'd sleep in his bed. I'm scared to death that he'll fall off the bed, and really hoping he doesn't wake up soaked (and soak my nice mostly-new mattress in the process - it doesn't have a waterproof pad like his bed does), so I may not get too much of a good night's sleep. (So why, then, am I still up????)


John Howard said...

I don't know how worried you are about this kind of stuff, but since you usually call your son J, I thought I'd point out that you used his name in a couple of posts recently.

Lisa said...

Thank you! I don't guess it much matters, but I've stuck to the pattern for so long, why change now. :-)