Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to work

Yesterday the office was closed and daycare was open, so I had a day to myself. After I took J to school, I came home and took a three-hour nap in a quiet house - ah, bliss. :-) Then I ran some errands before time to pick up J.

And last night I came close to being the mom I'd like to be all the time. Since I wasn't all stressed out from work, it was a lot easier for me to be patient with J, to not get uptight about things that really aren't that big a deal in the grand scheme. It was a fun evening. Well, at least until bedtime - then it took him an hour and a half to go to sleep for no apparent reason, and then I was ready to pull my hair out. But most of the evening was good.

As for the job: It sounds just wonderful, a very Lisa job. The FSO position there is a bit different than the FSO position here, and the differences are good. The job involves a lot of reviewing of trusts on the front end, before they come into the bank, to make sure it's something the bank can administer. Lots of document review, and the FSO's job is to find a way to bring the business in. And the really good thing - when something comes in, you have two days to review it, but once you're done with it, you're done. No lingering issues, nothing to jump up and surprise you with a bite on the butt months down the road. It sounds like heaven to me. When I came back on Friday, I kept thinking of all the things I hate doing now that I wouldn't have to do if I got the new job. And of course the salary wouldn't hurt a bit. The job just seems like the answer to prayer on so many levels - financial, career, stress/emotional. There aren't enough words to say how much I want this. If I don't get it, I'll be crushed, knowing that that kind of job is out there and I'm here. Y'all please pray, cross your fingers, light candles, send good thoughts, whatever, that I get this job, and sooner rather than later.

I'm leaving early today (which is always a double-edged sword - good to get the heck out of the office, but there's no telling what will be waiting to bite me on the ass when I return). I have to go get the CT scan of my sinuses done. Should be interesting - I'm curious to see if there's really anything between my ears besides empty space. LOL

That being said, I have some things I must get done in the next three hours, so I'd better get to it.

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