Thursday, January 12, 2006

The never-ending crud

Apparently that's what I've got. I took 1/2 day off this afternoon to go to the doctor, because I woke up this morning feeling like the right side of my face had been hit by a truck. All the snot seems to migrate to that side, and it's just a yucky feeling. So I decided I'd better not mess with it anymore.

I got a shot (I was stunned, that's just about unheard of around here - unlike my doc back home, who gave you a shot for everything), an antibiotic, and orders to go have a CT scan done of my sinuses to see if there's anything going on in there that's contributing to the eternal sinus infection. I also got a different prescription for blood pressure medicine - my old one clearly wasn't working, as my BP was pretty high. (It's official, someday my job really *will* make my head pop off - all the more reason to find a new one, don't you think?) I asked about the possibility of increasing the Wellbutrin, and she said it could be done, but since the pills don't come in any higher dose than 300 mg (what I'm taking now), to increase it you have to get two prescriptions (one for 300-mg strength and one for 150-mg strength), and the insurance company tends to give that the big hairy eyeball, wanting to know why two prescriptions. (Because I feel like slugging something sometimes when I get mad? I think that's a fairly good reason.) So I'll wait and see what happens with the job, to see if a different work environment might relieve enough stress that I don't get quite so agitated. If not, then we'll either up the Wellbutrin or I'll try something different.

And now, I must go rummage through my closet in search of something to wear tomorrow. The hiring manager said they were business casual, but I wouldn't feel right going business casual to an interview. So I'm hoping for something halfway professional to magically appear out of the dreck that is my wardrobe. Most of my nice-ish clothes are black, and my one decent pair of pumps that doesn't kill my feet is a dark brown. What a conundrum. But I'd better go find something, since I can't exactly go naked.

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