Thursday, January 19, 2006


I fell last night. J and I were about to go to the bathroom for his bath, and I caught my foot on his plastic drum (it's a big plastic thing that comes with a bunch of other musical instruments inside it, the lid comes off). I couldn't catch my balance, and down I went. I landed hard on my right knee, slightly less hard on my right hand/wrist and left elbow. Ow, ow, OW. J asked if he could kiss my knee, and he did. Then he asked me, "Is it better now?" Sometimes he can be so sweet! I'm glad I'm not a couple of inches taller - if I were, I'd have hit my head on the brick hearth around the fireplace. Yikes. As it is, I have a goose egg on my knee (that will probably bruise), and my right hand is a little sore. I told J that this is a perfect example of why we should always pick up our toys!

No word yet from the interview. I'm trying not to fidget.

On the bright side, I do get to go to a nice luncheon today. I'm one of the people who referred the most business to another part of the bank in 2005, so I get to go to a nice restaurant and have free lunch. I'm not one to turn that down! :-)

The puppies are a mess. They're really cute, but are still small enough to slip under the gate I'd put up to keep them off the living room carpet. It's time for puppy training classes. Once they're housebroken, I'll just let them run around, and I think they'll like that a lot better. J just adores them. I don't think we could part with them now!

This is my free weekend, but I don't have any plans. Brian has a big work thing he has to go to on Saturday morning, so he can't come up here Friday. I could drive down there Friday night, but since it's my late night at work, the earliest I could be down there is 8:30. Since he has to get up early Saturday, he's got to go to sleep fairly early. All that to say, if I drove down, I'd probably end up spending more time driving than I would with him. Bummer. But that frees me up to go to Little Gym with K and J on Saturday. I'm glad, because it's show week, where they show off all they've learned. I plan to take lots of pictures!

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