Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday's Feast

Another interesting thing I've found to toss into my blog.

Friday's Feast #124

How do you usually celebrate on New Year's Eve?
Usually? I don't. Not really. It used to be my wedding anniversary, and we'd go out to dinner or something, occasionally go to a bed and breakfast or nice hotel for the weekend, but I've never been much for a big New Year's Eve do. Not since college, anyway. This is the first year that New Year's Eve *officially* won't be my wedding anniversary, and that's kind of weird.

Name one thing unexpected that happened to you in 2006.
Just one? Being stuck at this job was unexpected - I'd hoped to be on to bigger and better things months ago. Also, finding out my dad has Parkinson's - didn't expect that.

Where was your favorite place that you visited in 2006?
Well, I didn't really visit anywhere. No vacation, no travel, the only place I went was home to see family. My last actual vacation was in 1993. My life really is fairly pitiful in some respects, isn't it? I need to get out more. But that would mean needing more money than the current budget allows for.

Main Course
What resolution is your top priority for 2007?
Finding a new job and getting my finances in order.

Using just three words, describe 2006.
Long, wearying, difficult.


Laurence said...

Mmmm... It is very difficult to answer to those questions... You do it well !!! ;-)

Margaret said...

Here's to a better 2007!

Happy New Year

Ma said...

Hope the New year will be a better one all the way around. Good luck in finding a better job.

Thanks for stopping by.