Sunday, December 03, 2006

Out of sorts

I'm feeling vaguely out of sorts this evening. Not sure why. Probably in large part because tomorrow is Monday and I have to go back to work.

And tonight I realized my baby is growing up. He was playing on the computer, and I came into the room. He said, "No, Mama, you go away - I can do this by myself." Didn't even want me to stay in the room with him. And I thought, all those times I wished for three minutes to myself to pee, or for a day without hearing, "MAMA! Come SEE!" 72,000 times, or for an entire night's sleep - I wish I could take them back now. It hit me that he's growing up, and the older he gets, the less he'll need me. I know independence is the desired result of the growing-up process, but still - it made me sad.

And then he went through the beastly spell. He'd been on the computer a while, so I came in and told him we needed to turn it off, it was time for dinner. He started screaming and howling and carrying on like a little wildebeest - at one point he threw himself down in the floor, and when I tried to hug him, he swung at me. Not once, but multiple times. Finally I just had to grab him and hold him until he settled down, because he wasn't going to otherwise. Once he finally did, we turned the computer off and he was OK for the rest of the night. But that little episode wasn't a whole lot of fun.

I should go to bed. The alarm will go off early.

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