Saturday, December 16, 2006

Updating just a little bit

I probably won't ever catch up on everything, but I did want to write about J meeting Brian.

We went to the Mayborn Museum last weekend, to see the train exhibit. J and Brian seemed to hit it off, and we went inside to look around.

J loved the trains. He'd run from one display to the next, just jumping up and down with excitement. Brian knows a good number of people in the museum field, since that's what he does, and he'd stop to talk to someone now and then while J and I kept looking at trains. Every once in a while J would stop, look around, and ask me, "Where's Brian?" LOL

We saw more than just trains - the museum has a nice children's center, with lots of cool things just perfect for busy boys. Here's a pic of J, playing with his absolute favorite thing, the water table (I seriously think he liked this more than the trains - we went back to it no less than four times!).

If I could afford one of these for my house, I'd get it - I think Brian and I had as much fun playing with it as J did. It would be kind of like one of those little Zen rock gardens, only a lot bigger and with water instead of sand. Very therapeutic!

We stayed almost until the museum closed, and then went for dinner. We went to J's favorite place, Johnny Carino's. When we got there, I asked him if he wanted to sit with Brian or with me. "With Brian!" Stinker. LOL

So we had dinner, and J talked Brian's ear off and was his usual charming self. He was wiped out after dinner - he fell asleep before we'd been on the road too long, and slept until I was about 10 miles from the house. I was just about to get off the interstate when I heard him say, "Hey. I had a good time with Brian." So I think he took to Brian pretty well.

That weekend, Brian got to see J at close to his best. Today, he got to see the wildebeest J. It was my free weekend, but K asked if J could come home early, since he had his Christmas party for work tonight. (Must be nice to work for an employer that gives its employees a Christmas party. But I digress.) I said that was fine, and we went to pick J up from the apartment at noon. J went to A's with K last night, and he had a sleepover with A's middle child. K said he checked on them around 11:00 - A's son was passed out, and J was still awake, eating popcorn and watching TV. Oy. So no telling how much sleep he got - he might have been up past midnight for all I know. At any rate, he was TIRED. We went to lunch, played outside, watched TV, and then at some point he wanted more candy. He'd already had candy and didn't need any more, and I told him so. And he proceeded to scream like the world was ending, until he finally gave it up and got distracted after about 15 minutes. So, Brian got to see a nuclear meltdown in all its glory. He didn't run screaming, so I guess that's a good thing!

Brian stayed today until my car was ready, so he could drive me to the shop to pick it up (and catch me when I fainted from hearing the total cost!). It was kind of funny - when we got back from lunch, we were walking in the house, and J asked Brian if he liked our house. Brian said he did, that it was a nice house, and J said, "This could be your house, too." :-) Posted by Picasa

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