Monday, December 04, 2006


This morning: again with the awfulness. J woke up at 2-something, wanting milk, and took a bit to settle back down. Then he kept having dreams (I guess) and talking in his sleep. So, yucky sleep, I need coffee. I overslept, and he woke me up by crawling over and laying down on top of me. And then he threw an unholy fit over wanting to watch TV. He just goes on and on and on when he's told no - he WANTED TV, didn't WANT to go to school, didn't WANT to put his pants on, and on and on. Once we got in the car, he was fine, but most of the time between when we woke up (6:40) and when we left (7:25) was fairly horrid.

I'm debating whether to go to my team Christmas party this week. We're going to Texas Land & Cattle Company after work on Thursday (7:30 to 9:30), and we have to pay for it ourselves (no, the company isn't picking up the tab). It's $26.99 for one of five different entrees, including salad, non-alcoholic beverage and dessert (vanilla ice cream, so not like it's anything too exciting), plus tax and tip. So it could end up costing me about $35 for the privilege of going. I'm debating whether, at this particular time, my money might be better spent on something else. I don't want to seem stand-offish, but for me, $35 is a tank of gas or GoodNites and milk or a Christmas present for J. And right now, I'm wondering if those things aren't more important. The thing is, we've given them a number of 18 people. If there's more than a 10% variance, the group is charged for the people who don't show up. So if more than one person says they can't go, then we're charged anyway. As far as I know, no one else is planning on changing their minds, but still - I feel kind of bad.

And now, I suppose I should get to work - I've got a crapload to do after being out for two days last week.

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