Friday, December 08, 2006

A little unexpected free time

K called yesterday afternoon and said he'd pick J up - he wanted to take J to A's house to decorate the Christmas tree and meet her kids. And I guess I'm OK with that - after all, if A is going to be in the picture for a significant length of time, it would be nice for J to know her kids and to feel comfortable around them. So I got an unexpected evening to myself (I decided to give our team Christmas party a miss - hmm, spend $35 on dinner or $35 for a tank of gas or a Christmas present for J? I decided my money was better spent elsewhere).

Other than nearly getting run off the road by an 18-wheeler on the way home, it was a nice evening. I stopped by the store to pick up a few odds and ends, and when I got home, I fixed myself dinner and then had a nice hot bubble bath. Ahhh, bliss on a cold evening.

J did have a good time with A's kids last night - according to K, he didn't want to leave to come home! J told me he cried because he wanted to stay and play. And boy, was he a howling wildebeest by the time he got home! He screamed that he didn't WANT to go to bed, he wanted to watch TV. Of course, when I got him into bed, it took him about 30 seconds to go to sleep. He was talking about A's house this morning, and the kitty cat, and playing with toys, and Christmas cookies, so I think he enjoyed himself. And I'm glad. I should make more of an effort to have him get together with his friends - he'd enjoy that. (If I could ever get my house clean, I could have people come over! )

I am so glad it's FRIDAY!!!! I'm hoping it will be a quiet day at work, so I can work on some special projects we've got going on that are supposed to be completed by year end.

And tomorrow is a big day, I guess. J and Brian are going to get to meet each other. We're going to this exhibit at the Mayborn Museum in Waco, and I reckon we may get lunch or something while we're there. I think it's funny - both Brian and I are wanting to do this, and yet we're both nervous, too. Is that just silly? J is all excited - I've had to try to explain to him where Brian's house is (ever tried to explain the concept of "south" to a 4-year-old?), and he's asked all about Brian's dog and cat (after finding out that Brian doesn't have any little boys or girls). Hopefully J and I can get a good night's sleep tonight, so we'll be well rested for tomorrow's road trip. And hopefully it will go really well. I think it will.


Danelle said...

I met so many people from online (like 60) when I was single (Hubby too!) and it was always nerve wracking.

Lisa said...

Oh, I met Brian a long time ago - like last year. LOL We've been dating for just over a year now. This was just his first time to meet J. And it did go well! No time now, but I'll write more about it later.