Monday, August 28, 2006

And another

I got a call from a placement agency here in Dallas late this afternoon, wanting me to come talk to them tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM. A week ago, two weeks ago, I'd have been tickled if they'd called me. They didn't, and I pretty much gave up hope and crossed that off my list of possibilities. Well, now they've called. And it's funny - I'm not as excited as you might think. In fact, I'm feeling downright let down right about now. And I'm not sure why. Is it because all they have to offer right now is contract work, and a permanent position would be far preferable to any kind of long-term contract position? Is it because I feel miffed that it took them a good long time to call? Is it because I'm nervous about taking off for a late lunch to go over there and talk (given that I'm sort of under the microscope at work, I'm hesitant to be away from my desk for big chunks of time at "off" hours)? Is it because I know it's not the right thing for me? Is it because an actual interview is closer to delivering a real employment opportunity to me than a chat with a placement agency is? Or is it just me not *wanting* it to be the right thing for me? Have I gotten my heart set on Waco, even though I didn't want to do that, told myself I wouldn't do that unless it proved to be the right thing?

I'll go talk to the placement agency people (although I think I'll ask if there's a day when I can come in around 11:00, 11:30, so it can be a lunch-type time that I'm away from my desk), but right now, my heart isn't in it. If they offered me any kind of work, it would have to be fabulous for me to be the least little bit excited about it. I don't want to set my heart on Waco if that's not where I'm supposed to be, though. If I'm meant to be anywhere in Dallas/Fort Worth, I'd hope I'd be a little more excited than this about an opportunity if it presents itself.

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