Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's good to have girlfriends!

My friend Marta, who's moved on to a job where she's much happier, called this afternoon. There's an opening where she is now that she thought I might be interested in. Guess what I'll be doing tonight after J goes to sleep - online application, baby!

I also found a listing for an interesting contract position with a legal placement firm, so I'll be applying for that as well. If the pay were right and there were at least basic benefits like health insurance, I'd take long-term temp work. I won't leave my job for a one- or two-month project, but if I found something six months or longer where the pay just kicked ass, I'd do it.

So - hope springs eternal. Could it be that just when things seem darkest, good things are just around the corner after all? We'll see!

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Nell said...

Seee?! Even the darkest hour is only 60 minutes...
danelle (