Monday, August 21, 2006

Wonderful weekend; now I'm back at work

I had a lovely weekend with Brian. I'll write more about it later. :-)

J and K are on their way back to Texas! Yay! I had a nice free weekend (and was a lot more relaxed once I knew they'd made it to Louisiana safely), but I'll be glad to see my little monkey boy.

From my Astrology Zone horoscope for August:

Your very best day of the month will be Tuesday, August 29, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in gorgeous angles. The only way to describe this is that it will be a cosmic gift, and news should hit when you least expect it. Your career will bring the kind of news that will make you over-the-moon happy, and in the light of what might happen earlier this month, with the tension and uncertainty, this news might seem almost miraculous when it occurs. Nothing similar to this will happen again until 2008, although you did recently enjoy this aspect in late November 2005 and early May 2006. The third time may be the charm!

From the summary of the horoscope for the month:

An explosive confrontation could occur with an authority figure during the weeks of August 3 - 23. There appear to be powerful changes going on at home due later in the month, yet surprising news will emanate from work at this time. Something will end - pressure will build until a decision is made. Afterwards, you will feel better, although at the time, you probably will feel nothing but panic. Once it is over, though, you will see that this ending has created an opportunity, one that you would not have been able to take advantage of had you not ended this one circumstance.

Just when you will be nearly exasperated by a month that will put many demands on you, you'll have an exciting career breakthrough near August 29, one that will rate a "10" on the Richter scale. You'll have a big victory to celebrate, so pop the champagne and invite close friends over to join in. It appears that excellent work you did on a project has created a buzz that reached the higher echelons of the company or in the industry at large. It could well represent the break you've long awaited. Think back to late November and early May - the development you have at the end of this month could be related to a certain initiative you took at that time.

Let's hope that my horoscope holds true, shall we? Heaven knows, I've been woefully short of good news on the career front.

And in that regard - Hill County (30 miles away) and McLennan County (where Brian is!) are both looking for assistant DAs. Guess what I'll be working on tonight? I know I've said before that I don't consider myself a trial lawyer, but I'd go back to doing prosecutorial work to get out of here. I do think I'd be better at it now than I was 10 years ago, just because I'm not the same timid little mouse I was back then. And it wouldn't be *here*, which is key. And if the possibility exists of there being anything long-term for Brian and me, well, it would be helpful if we lived in the same place. I'd apply, though, even if he weren't living there - that's just lagniappe. So we shall see what we shall see!

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