Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And now?

Job applications have been sent. Let the waiting commence!

I was looking back through another journal I have, and found this little tidbit from a reading that a friend of mine did for me:

So... where's the future headed with Brian? Because that's where your job is.. where he's going. Is he coming up to you, or are you going down to him? If you're moving, start packing, because this is your next job. I don't see one in between.

And it's bloody fantastic.

Huh. Well, Brian has recently decided that he's going to stay where he is for now and get his MBA (which will help in finding a new job, but will take a bit of time) instead of looking so much for a job up this way (and yes, I did wonder, well, then, how might we ever know what direction things might go if we're perpetually in two different places?). And I certainly never expected to find any kind of job opening in Waco - I mean, think about it. Dallas/Fort Worth: 5 million people, give or take. Waco: 113,000. Logically, where would you think a job opening would come up first? But I haven't even had any luck getting placement agencies up here to call me back (and usually they at least call you in fairly short order and want you to come in, fill out their paperwork, and talk to them a bit about what you're looking for). I don't know that any of this means anything, I just find it all interesting - I'm just sayin'. Coincidence, or meant to be? I guess we'll find out.

And really, if it did work out, it might be an answer to two prayers - the job situation, and the question of where things might be going with Brian (when you've been dating someone for nine months, the thought of what direction things might take does cross your mind - we've never talked about it because I'm fairly sure we both realize there's not a lot of reason to do so as long as we're in two different places, that practically speaking any kind of long-term deal tends to require that both parties be in the same area).

A lot of pieces would have to fall into place, though, for it to work out. Getting the job at a salary I can live with. Finding a house. Selling my house at a price that allows me to pay off the existing loan, pay for moving expenses and some other odds ands, and put a big down payment on a new place to live. Getting a loan to buy a new house (because I wouldn't be able to pay it all off). Finding a good school for J. Ideally, finding a good job for K so he can move (I know, 90 miles isn't that far in the grand scheme of things, but I also know he wouldn't want to be any farther away from J than he absolutely had to) - and knowing the job market from past experience, if that were to happen, then I'd KNOW it was meant to be.

So. We'll see. And yes, I'd apply for the job even if Brian weren't in that area - I like Waco, always have, hated to sell my little townhouse and move in 1996. But I had to go where the job was, and the job wasn't there at the time. It's just bonus that a guy I like happens to live there.

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