Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The logic escapes me

K gets off work at 4:30. I need soy milk for J - just milk, and I have no extra cash for folderol and don't feel like fighting the "I want a toy" fight just to go in and get milk. I called K and asked if he'd stop and pick some up for me. He asked if I needed it tonight, I said yes. He hemmed and hawed and then asked me if he could go back to the store and get it after he worked out (he bought my treadmill, but it's still at my house, so he comes over and uses it), that that would be easier. ??? I said that was fine, but it's beyond me how it would be easier - he'll go out to my house, then go back to the store and come *back* out to my house. Seems like it would be easier just to swing by the store on the way to my house and be done with it. Oh well, as long as J has milk, I'm happy - however K wants to accomplish that is up to him, I just don't understand his thought process.

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