Tuesday, September 05, 2006

About to crawl out of my skin

The closer my interview gets, the more wiggy I get. And coming to work doesn't help. My stomach hurt as I was driving in this morning because I dreaded coming in. I would have felt some dread anyway, but having taken Friday off made it worse - you never know what might blow up when you're out for (gasp!) a whole day.

My friend John says that at least this job is a paycheck. True. It helps if a paycheck covers *all* the bills, but I guess some is better than none.

But I so want something good to work out. I'm hoping it's this job in Waco, because it sounds like a job I'd be well suited for and it's the most immediate possibility of a way out. (If it didn't sound like something I'd like, I wouldn't even be considering it - I'm not moving somewhere to take a job that sucks.) If it's not this job in Waco, I hope whatever it is presents itself soon, because I'm not sure how much longer I can stand being here. I keep thinking of all the things I'd no longer have to do if I got the Waco job - no late nights, no proactive calls, no phone time, working somewhere where they actually pay your bar dues (no attorney occupation tax since it would be a government job), no paying for parking, no commute in Dallas traffic. If it's not meant to be mine, then I don't want it, and yeah, moving would be a colossal pain. But right now, I sure am hoping it's meant to be.


JamDaddy said...

I hope you get what you want and need.

Lisa said...

Thanks. Me, too, and I hope I have sense enough to recognize it when it's in front of me!