Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is what they came up with?!

Apparently there was a lunch with our new big boss, where representatives from each group here met with him - we got an e-mail letting us know what was discussed (not sure how the representatives were selected, because this e-mail that we just got was the first I'd heard of it). Hey, a meeting with the big guy, a chance to air some concerns, right? And they came up with the fact that we need more mentoring between groups and a new TV monitor (we have monitors throughout the department that display pertinent information, not like anyone is watching cable during the work day) for one area of the floor?! And we need more training?! Oh, holy hell. Supposedly the new big boss is concerned about the turnover here. If he's worried about that, training and new TV monitors are not the things he should be hearing about. How about too heavy a workload? How about stuff coming to us that shouldn't, but should be handled elsewhere? How about just considering a cost of living raise for employees and supporting the credentials of the licensed/certified professionals you hire?

I kid you not, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after reading that one.

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