Monday, September 18, 2006

Ups and downs

Well, life has its ups and downs. Since it's Monday, let's start with the downs first.

~I overslept this morning. Always a fun start to the day.

~Baylor lost this weekend, making us 1-2 on the season. Our defense is doing pretty well. If we could just stop making stupid penalties and our offense could start producing, we might have a halfway decent season. Keep in mind that a halfway decent season for Baylor this year means 5 wins, since the most we've managed to win in, oh, the past decade or so has been 4. But if we can beat either A&M or UT, then the year will not be a total loss regardless of how many games we win. The way A&M is playing, don't laugh too hard - it's not out of the realm of possibility.

~Work. 'Nuff said.

~My cell phone has quit ringing when someone calls. It won't vibrate when I get a call, either. The only way I know the phone is ringing is if I happen to see it light up. Otherwise, I miss all my calls and don't find out until I look at my phone. Very annoying. I'm thinking this probably means a new phone, which is money I wasn't planning to spend. (I read some reviews, and apparently this isn't a problem limited to my phone. Wonder if T-Mobile will replace it?)

Now for the ups.

~J's leg is greatly improved! He came home yesterday and the swelling was gone. The redness is now more yellow, like an old bruise, and the blisters are healing up nicely. He still scratches it occasionally, but it's a half-hearted effort, and I don't think it itches very much. Someone suggested that perhaps it was a latex allergy and he was reacting to the gloves the nurse wore. But 1) don't a lot of medical professionals now use the non-latex gloves for that very reason, and 2) he's had shots and exposure to doctors and nurses before - wouldn't that have happened by now if it were going to happen? All I know for sure is, his leg looks a lot better and I'm glad. Sucks that we don't know for sure what caused the reaction, as that might pose problems with future vaccinations. But we'll jump off that bridge if we get to it.

~Drop-off at school was wonderful this morning! I'd hoped his class would already be upstairs since we were running late, but they were still in the TV room. His teacher was in there, though, and she told J they were just about ready to go to class, and he went on without a fuss. That just about made up for oversleeping.

~Hockey! The Stars play their first preseason game against Atlanta tonight, and for the first time in who knows when, we have a thug. Or at least as close as we've been to it for a while. Bring on the penalty minutes!

Back to work. Only four hours left.

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