Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Busier than a one-legged man...

in an ass-kickin' contest, that's me. Today has been non-stop. I'd be willing to bet that people who call and complain that we don't do things quickly enough have absolutely no idea how much we really do and would probably be quite surprised to learn that we are our own assistants, secretaries, file clerks and everything else. I called my friend Marta at work today, got her voice mail - her message said you could call her assistant for immediate assistance. She has an assistant - I'm jealous.

One of the bad things about this job is that there's never any down time. Ever. Most jobs, the work comes in cycles - you're busy for a while, it settles down, you get busy again, it settles down again. Accountants are swamped from January through April for tax season, not so much so the rest of the year. At my previous job, we got really busy around tax season and then before the end of the Council year (for insurance agents) in June. Outside of those times, we'd have the occasional crush of work and then some not-so-busy times. Here, there's no ebb and flow in the workload - it's busy ALL the time. And that's very draining. In fact, I think it's getting busier as time passes. With perhaps the exception of the week between Christmas and New Year's, you can't ever come into the office thinking, "Hey, I'll bet today will be a pretty quiet day." I don't like that.

And today it has definitely been non-stop. I just got a message that a client had called. Same client e-mailed me after lunch, maybe two hours ago. I'm thinking, will you please give me time to get back in touch with you?! What part of "you aren't the only client I have" do people not understand?

Back to the grind - let's see how much I can get done in another hour and 15 minutes.

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