Friday, September 08, 2006

Out of my hands

Well, the interview is done. It was a short interview, but I don't think that was any reflection on me personally. The person interviewing after me got there while I was still waiting to be called in (I know that's who she was because she told the woman at the desk she was there for the legal counsel position - I wanted to tell her, go on home, it's my job so you might as well not even bother! Besides, I think I'm nicer than she is - she just looked difficult. LOL). So that tells me they had the interviews scheduled pretty close together, they weren't planning on anything long and drawn out. I interviewed with the general counsel and the other staff attorney, and the general counsel talks about as fast as I do. She and I should get along fine. So, she asked me to tell them about myself, I gave the nutshell rundown of my legal career. I told her I liked Waco, had tried to move there in 1998, but the job fell apart on me. I said that barring some unforeseen circumstance, I wouldn't be looking to move in a year or two or three. She seemed to like that answer, and seemed to be impressed with my work at Texas Farm Bureau. She asked what my greatest expectation was of my future employer, and I said that I'm at a point in my career where I'm looking for a position that provides enough challenge and enough intellectual stimulation that I can make a career of it, that I'm to the point where I'm not interested in changing jobs every three or four or five years. She seemed to like that answer. In the middle of the interview she asked what my favorite movie was. I told her My Cousin Vinny, that I thought anyone who had anything to do with the legal profession should see it. That seems like an odd question, but when I interviewed for the job I had before where I am now, the CEO asked me to tell him a story. So I did. He told me later that the purpose of that question was to see how quickly candidates could think on their feet. I'm thinking the movie question serves a similar purpose. If that's the case, clearly I can think on my feet - I didn't even have to stop to think about the answer. I told her I'd be driving back and forth until I sold my house and was able to move, but that that wasn't a problem, I'd done it before. She asked if I'd move as quickly as possible, and I said I'd be listing my house pretty much as soon as the job was offered to me if it was.

They were having a lot of interviews yesterday, and a lot todat, that they had a ton of applications. Interviews ended today, and then within the next couple of weeks they'll call back two or three or four people for a final interview and to meet the general manager. I think yesterday was just a screening process, I think they're just getting a feel for people and will then call back the ones they're most interested in. She also said their department will be growing, and that as it does, they'll be asking for increases in salary because they want to keep good attorneys. So, now I wait. I like to think I made enough of a good impression to come back for a second interview, but I won't know for a couple of weeks. I've done all I can, though, so it's out of my hands. I hate waiting.

And today I really don't like my job very much. Ugh. I'm feeling overwhelmed, and that's when things start getting away from me. Wish my interview had been on Friday, so I could have gone straight from interview to weekend.

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