Friday, September 15, 2006

Anomalies R Us

K took J to see his pediatrician. She said this is the first time in 20 years she's seen a child have an allergic reaction like this to these vaccines. Yep, it's an allergic reaction. There's a medication she could have given J to counteract the reaction, but she said it would also counteract the effect of the vaccines. It's not causing him any other problems - no fever, no problems breathing, nothing other than a big puffy red blotch and blisters and a little itching - so we didn't go that route. She said just to let it run its course, Benadryl if needed, and that more blisters might show up before all was said and done. I've talked to K, and J said it only itched a little bit, so I guess the worst thing about it is the way it looks. My poor sweet baby, to be the lucky (???) child to have a reaction the doc has never seen during her practice. I'm just glad it's nothing more serious, and that it's not bothering him a tremendous amount.

I'm at work. Whoopee. I've gotten one phone call. Hopefully that will be all I get this evening.

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