Friday, September 08, 2006


I had a fit going home this evening. I stayed at work until 5:45, like I'm supposed to. Then I noticed the low fuel light on, so I had to stop for gas (I had almost a quarter of a tank when I got to work this morning, how most of a quarter of a tank can disappear while my car is in the garage is beyond me). That put me behind schedule, and I could only put $10 worth of gas in my car as it was. So I was running late, and if you're five minutes late to daycare, they start charging late fees of a dollar a minute. I was just sobbing, beside myself because I was working late to try to keep my stupid job that I hate, that doesn't pay me enough to put gas in my car, and stopping for gas makes me late to daycare, running up extra fees that I don't make enough money to pay because my stupid job doesn't pay enough, and on and on. I probably cried for a good ten minutes before I was able to catch my breath. No, today just wasn't a good day.

And word has it that a reliable source has confirmed that 60% of the positions where I am now will be moving to the Northeast. No time frame on this, but this is the word I'm hearing. If I *knew* I'd be getting the Waco job in a short time, I think I'd welcome a severance package from my company.

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