Monday, September 25, 2006

I just love surprises, don't you?

We got an e-mail late this morning about an unexpected conference call with our big, big boss (four levels above our regional manager, my immediate manager) at 1:00 today for an "important update". The update: The manager three levels above our regional manager is taking another position internally, effective immediately. While this doesn't affect us directly on a daily basis (after all, the guy wasn't here every day or even every week that I know of), it does make us wonder - this is the second higher-level manager to leave this particular part of the company within the space of about three months. What does it say when management is all jumping ship? We're not so much concerned with the survival of the company - I don't think it's exaggerating to describe the company I work for as massive, and it would take a LOT to sink this particular ship. I mean, there are no doubt more levels of management between our big, big boss and the CEO of the company. But the little chunk of the company that I work for? It could probably be shut down or the workforce drastically cut without too much difficulty, I'd think, and that's what we're all thinking is headed our way. When managers keep leaving, it makes me wonder if they know something we don't about the direction of our future.

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