Friday, September 01, 2006

Interesting tidbits

Here are some selected bits from my September horoscope from Astrology Zone - eeeeeeenteresting.

The winds of change are again blowing, and you are about to experience a radical shift in your career. The first week of September will be fraught with tension as unexpected news about a professional matter comes your way. Oddly, the same week will also bring some of the month's very best aspects. This suggests that you will be quick to seize opportunities in the fluid situation that results - when you think all is lost, you will soon see that it's not. If you can, keep your wits about you.

With every "loss" there will be a corresponding gain, either immediately or in time. The eclipse family that occurred several months ago on March 14 brought news that will be advanced this month with the eclipses on September 7 and 22. Even more eclipses in the same sign are due again next March 2007. Don't view this month as the end of the changes but as one that will provide you with a bridge to walk over to get to new territory.

It looks like destiny has a plan for you. If you have been working long and hard, with too little reward or promise for a sound future, getting out of your current situation will be a blessing. It's time to clear out the dead wood that has weighed you down and wedged you between a rock and a hard place.

Uranus is the unconventional planet known to break bonds. So if you were bored, you can now find the excitement you seek. If you were treated unfairly by a cold, unfeeling boss or client, let them keep their old job or assignments - you will have none of that anymore. If you need to relocate to find or take advantage of better opportunities, you will have a chance to do that, too. Events will occur faster than you ever anticipated. Change is good, and of all signs, you know that!

The main event will be a lunar eclipse due on the full moon September 7 in your solar tenth house of professional status, plus or minus 4 - 7 days. You had a similar set of eclipses in March and September 1988, 1989, and to some degree, in 1998. Uranus, however, was not a prominent factor in those eclipses back then, so what happens now will not be carbon copies.

It appears your boss or client, most likely a female, is about to announce a surprise departure, and you will be distressed to hear this, for it looks like she was a strong supporter.
[Note: If it's my higher-up manager, I'm not sure I'd classify her as a strong supporter. If it's my team lead, I certainly wouldn't be surprised.] Certainly if it is not this, something else will come up. If you were born within five days of June 5 or know you have Gemini rising near 15 degrees, you will feel this eclipse most powerfully.

A lunar eclipse will always put strong emphasis on the part of the chart ruled by Cancer, so we need to look at that, too. In this case, Cancer rules your natural second house of earned income and possessions, so you will likely see a source of income end and a new one begin. The tricky part is that with eclipses, the two events don't always dovetail perfectly. If you do lose a job (or quit one) and miss the income, jump on opportunities quickly.

There are other reasons that I feel that you will see some sort of massive change on the job front. Uranus will oppose the Sun two days prior to the eclipse, on September 5. This is an extreme aspect, and one that can cause a permanent riff, even an emotional scar afterwards. Be careful - look out the window but try not to be the one shouting out that window! You may have to count to ten to keep yourself from having a direct confrontation with an authority figure on September 5. This aspect caused Hurricane Katrina last year, as it fell at the end of August in 2005, but as you see it can have an emotional or physical manifestation.

There will be two superb days in the first week of September, too, as I alluded to at the start of your report. The first will come on September 3, when Mercury, your ruler, will send Jupiter a lovely missive. (Yes, the same day Mercury will be mad at Uranus!)

On September 6 an even more powerful aspect is due, when the Sun and Jupiter will combine energies. What a study of contrasts! We have some of the toughest aspects and some truly excellent ones, all coming on top of each other and overlapping in influence. When I mention a day, there is always a plus or minus tolerance to that day, so you see, this is quite a cake batter the universe is cooking up!

While all the changes are going on in your career, there appears to be lots happening on your home front, too. With Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun there, plus a solar eclipse on September 22, your home or a member of your family will become almost an obsession. This eclipse is a good one, so the changes will be easier to take, and some may even be initiated by you.

If you are to feel this in a physical way, it appears you may reorganize your possessions, give things away (or sell them on eBay), and making your home shiny clean. (Planets touring Virgo always point to a hygienic approach.) You may also make plans to move or even relocate to a new part of the country, possibly for a new job. You may buy, sell, or rent a house, or redecorate the one you have now. You may plan structural work with a contractor or do repair work. New furniture or carpets may show up. All this would begin to ramp up just after the new moon solar eclipse, September 22.

If you are desperate to find a new apartment or house, you will find that ideal space just after the solar eclipse appears on September 22.

Eclipses will always end one path and open a new one. While it is never possible to go back to your old life after you have made your changes, in time you will see that the new life you are about to create will be more suitable to the person you have become.


Kay said...

I always remember when I read your horoscope that we have the same sign; in fact, my birthday is the June 5 date referenced in the reading. I guess it was a good time to quit my job and move to a new city for a new career venture after all, eh?

Lisa said...

I guess it was, and how I missed this comment until now, I'll never know. D'OH! How's the new venture going?