Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's a good day!

At the risk of jinxing myself, I'll say that today has been quite good so far. J and I both got a good night's sleep. I had time this morning to fix J's lunch for his school picnic (they're going to the park today) and to put on a load of laundry, and we still left early. Drop-off was fantastic - J whined before we got there, but once we got there, he was all excited to carry his lunch box in, and they had Tom and Jerry on TV. He didn't even tell me goodbye, just ran right off. I got to work earlier than usual (I was at my desk at 8:29), and my friend John bought me a chicken biscuit for breakfast.

The rest of the day should go so well!

Now, if I can just get to school in time to look at J's pictures. They had picture day a few weeks ago, and the people were going to be there with the pictures today and yesterday. I left a few minutes early yesterday, but there was a wreck on my way home, so I didn't get to school much earlier - it wasn't yet 6:30, though. As I got out of my car, the picture people were packing up their stuff and walking out. I made a comment, and they said, "Oh, we don't want to inconvenience the people at daycare - we'll be here tomorrow, too." It would have taken all of two minutes for me to look at J's pictures and write a check if I liked them. What about making it convenient for the parents who are going to buy the pictures? Guess that doesn't count so much. If I'd been after 6:30 getting there, I'd have understood. If there had been 15 other parents there who might have also expected to look at their pictures, I'd have understood. But I wasn't late, and I was the only one there at the moment. Would it have killed them to just let me see my pictures? Especially given that I told them I couldn't get there much earlier. If I get there today and they're packing up, I'll be pissed. Really pissed if I don't get to even see J's pictures.

OK, must work - more later!

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